Follow Your Memes!


In today’s FearWorm vlog Laura talks about a few pages you should be following for content ideas, social relevancy, and inspiration! If you run your haunt’s social media, you won’t want to miss this one!

The purpose…to follow social pages that can both inspire and provide trending social content ideas for your attraction. The shared audiences between your business and these pages can help provide relevant, trending, and inspiring ideas for your social content.

1. Goth Pages

Yeah, we know. Not everyone who loves your attraction would be considered a “goth” culture lover. We get it. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be following these pages and consuming their content. It could be said that this type of content is exactly the content people would think your page could share. Be sure to research and find a few goth pages to follow…we suggest @WitchBritchesBroomsticks and @Gothic.Culture.Official

2. Amusement Park Pages

The social pages for amusement/theme parks, and other related events, are great sources of content to follow. First, these pages run social content all year and can help inspire you for ideas during the “off season”. Second, the social teams for these events and park are -generally- very up on their social game and know what’s trending and working. These pages are a great source of inspiration and news that you should be following. More specifically, we suggest following @UniversalOrlandoResort and @HalloweenHorrorNightsOrlando. For the latest news and rumors in the amusement park realm we suggest @BehindThrills and @InsideTheMagic

3. Hollywood! 

Let’s be very clear…you need to be following the news and reports coming out of Hollywood! Why? This is broad entertainment news that your audience definitely cares about. What’s the next big movie coming out? Who’s marrying who? Is Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper a thing? If not, it should be! Young haunt-going audiences follow and are highly interested in the happenings going on in Hollywood.  We suggest following pages like @Colliderdotcom, @NetflixUS, and @HollywoodReporter


Hopefully now you have a few ideas of pages you should be following for some content inspiration and ideas. Also, if you’re not already following us on Facebook -you should be-…follow us at @Fearworm

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