We are happy to introduce a new web site,, as a web purchasing portal for digital and mobile advertising created for the haunt industry. Our larger haunts will still work directly with the staff at Fearworm in planning your strategy, media and creative. This new service is created for non-agency clients to be given the opportunity to purchase the digital media you need to make your haunt successful, including: online video, mobile device I.D. targeting, mobile geo-fencing, behavioral and contextual banner advertising, re-targeting, Hulu, Pandora, and Facebook.

Why and why now? Many of these services have drastically increased their minimum buys, or pulled the availability to the small business altogether. This means you can no longer effectively use many of the digital advertising methods on your own. As a large agency, though, we’ve been able to cut a million+ dollar annual deal, bringing wholesale rates to the haunted attraction industry, and also drastically decreasing minimum required buys by aggregating through our agency. When purchasing online, you do have to stick to the packages available on the site, but it is affordable and easy to use.

Here’s the process:

1. Go online to

2. Visit the Shop to find the media source you’d like for ¬†your haunt

3. Click on the packages you want and complete the form.

4. Go to the shopping cart and pay with your credit card. Its secure through Paypal.

5. There may be some additional information we’ll need. If so we’ll contact you or feel free to contact us.

6. Download the ad specs on the site.

7. Create your ads and upload through the site. Its just through email. Simple and easy.

8. If you need creative we can help with that.

There is some fine print so go through that on the site. We do have some black-out areas for our agency clients. There is also a minimum purchase required of $3,000, and you do have to pay with a card up front.

Another big benefit – on most of the services you receive an additional 15% back in free ads on each ad source you purchase. That’s part of our million dollar deal. So, in summary, you get 1) better rates 2) lower minimums 3) ease of purchase 4) 15% in free ads. The service is open to individual haunts or other attractions as well as their agencies.

If you have questions, drop Ernest an email at

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