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Snapchat Videos Are Coming!

Snapchat Update for Haunted Attractions!

During the 2017 Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis (Transworld), Fearworm Hauntvertising was the first to bring the haunted attraction industry Snap Ads advertising on Snapchat. At this time, we are finalizing various small details regarding the media plan and waiting to see how Snapchat is going to update its ads platform to better serve advertisers. Please watch our video update below:

Well, the time has come. We’re still planning a major Snapchat buy for the industry. We do have a few deadlines coming up that you should be aware of. We know a majority of you on our Snap Ads contact list have already expressed a lot of interest in this buy, but you need not worry because we will be in touch soon to finalize your plans… But for those that are not on our Snap Ads list currently, if you are even slightly interested in running a Snapchat campaign for your attraction…email us now at info@fearworm.com or call us at 1 (512) 779-9985. We encourage you not to delay, because this Snapchat buy will be limited due to creative complexities and the timeline we have for placement.  Don’t hesitate, Snap to it! 😉

Second, we’re looking to have final plans done by July with creative planning and creation happening soon after. Remember, Snapchat is vertical-video platform. Your standard video ad will not work on Snapchat. Fearworm is working on some creative new programs for haunts to take advantage of for this or you may have to specially produce new video for this platform. More on that later.

Needless to say all Snapchat campaigns need to be booked by mid-late August. Time is of the essence here.

Again, if you are at all interested in booking Snap Ads on Snapchat for your attraction…email us today at info@fearworm.com. Contact us here today!